Team GB Men’s and Women’s Team Schedules Released

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Last year we embarked on a journey that won’t soon be forgotten as Ball Hockey International (BHi)’s Great Britain Heritage Team packed up and left for Czechia to compete in the 2017 World Ball Hockey Federation (WBHF) Championship games. It was truly an incredible experience, and though the team came just short of bringing home a medal, they left Czechia hungry, and knew that they’d be returning the following year with a fire in their bellies. Little did we know that Team Great Britain wouldn’t just be returning, we’d be heading to the 2018 WBHF Championship with two teams in tow. With a men’s and ladies’ team packed with talented players representing their Great Britain Heritage this year, we’re anticipating some exciting action, and with the recent reveal of the tournament schedule, it seems like our suspicions have been confirmed

Schedule Highlights

Both Men’s and Ladies’ Great Britain Heritage Teams will be kicking off their respective tournaments on the same day. The first game of the tournament on June 12th will be between the women’s Great Britain and Czech teams. We know from experience last year that the Czech team was a force to be reckoned with, so this should start the tournament off with a bang. Keeping the energy going, the Men’s Great Britain and Canada teams will be playing at 2:00pm. This matchup will certainly be one for the ages and we expect it to set the tone for the men’s division throughout the tournament.

The second day, June 13th, will see the men’s Great Britain and Czech teams facing off. This should be a competitive match as Great Britain will more than likely be out for blood after last year’s controversial match. The women’s team will really be put to the test after that as they’ll face up against Team Canada, who left last year’s tournament with gold in hand.

Day three will see the ladies take on Team Russia, who will have the advantage of playing on their home turf, and the men will take on Team USA. Team Great Britain lost the bronze to USA last year, and we think they’ll be pulling out all the stops to make sure that doesn’t happen again. From here, the men will move on to their quarter finals, and the ladies’ team will take on Slovakia and USA before the round robin is over.

Grouping Controversy

There has been some recent contention about the groupings as the four teams in Group A were the top four finishers from last year’s tournament.  This potentially paves the way for easier quarter final match ups for the top finishers in Group B.  Additionally, with a very competitive group, you very often see teams coming out of the round robin a little beat up and tired, again giving a slight edge to the Group B teams.

The 2018 WBHF Championship takes place in the town of Dmitrov in Moscow, Russia from June 12th through the 17th. The full schedule can be found here, and be sure to follow Team Great Britain on Facebook and Twitter for updates leading up to and throughout the tournament!

Men’s Round Robin Schedule

Date Time Opponent
June 12th 2018 2:00PM Team Canada
June 13th 2018 10:00AM Team Czechia
June 14th 2018 6:00PM Team USA

Women’s Round Robin Schedule

Date Time Opponent
June 12th 2018 8:00AM Team Czechia
June 13th 2018 12:00PM Team Canada
June 14th 2018 2:00PM Team Russia
June 15th 2018 7:00AM Team Slovakia
June 15th 2018 5:30PM Team USA

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