Team Great Britain in Bratislava – Day 3 Wrap-Up Presented By Herbal One

With day three over with, the preliminary round of the World Ball Hockey Federation (WBHF) 3-On-3 and Master’s tournament is complete! There were a couple more tough games, but our players saw a few more well-earned victories (which we’re never going to complain about.) We’re going to run through exactly what happened in our third Team Great Britain Daily Recap Presented by Herbal One

Women’s Team Great Britain vs. Women’s Team Czech Republic

Team Great Britain vs Czech Republic

This game was pretty low-scoring and had the potential to go to either team. We knew that the Czech Republic Team Great Britain Vs. Czech Republicwould be hitting hard after their loss to Great Britain day one, but the ladies of Team GB proved to be a bit more than they could handle. There were moments where it looked like it might be close, but Team Great Britain managed to seal the deal with a final score of 3-2. A real highlight to start off the day!

Forever Homes Inc. Player of the Game: Cassie Silverthorn

Master’s Team Czech Republic vs. Master’s Team Great Britain

Team Great Britain vs Czech Republic

After their loss to the women’s team, the Czech Republic were certainly out for blood during their Master’s game against Team Great Britain. This was another match that had an unclear outcome for most of the game. The score kept going up, and the teams seemed pretty neck and neck. Unfortunately, when the final buzzer sounded, Team Czech Republic was up a single goal, winning the game with a final score of 9-8.

Forever Homes Inc. Player of the Game: Wade Linklater

Men’s Team Great Britain vs. Men’s Team Canada

Team Great Britain vs Canada

This was a difficult game for the boys of Team Great Britain. They tried to stay on top of Canada, but it just wasn’t Team Great Britain Vs Canada James Murphyhappening this game. James Murphy managed to score a beautiful goal, but it wasn’t enough to compete with what Canada was throwing at them, and unfortunately when the buzzer sounded, Canada was up 10-1.

Forever Homes Inc. Player of the Game: James Murphy

Master’s Team Great Britain vs. Master’s Team West Slovakia

This was a real do or die moment for our Master’s team. Having not won a game up to this point, this game against Team Great Britain Vs Czech RepublicWest Slovakia would not only influence the players’ moods, but their placement in the Quarter Finals. It was a tight game too. Neither team seemed able to pull ahead, and when the final buzzer sounded, the game was at a tie score of 2-2. It wasn’t until the shootout that Team Great Britain was able to score their final goal, giving them a much needed and much celebrated win in the tournament. Team Great Britain will be moving on to face off against Slovakia in the Quarter-Finals the following day.

Forever Homes Inc. Player of the Game: Phil Borland

There was some great play out of Team Great Britain today. Up next are the Quarter-Finals, so anything can still happen. Be sure to stay tune to Team Great Britain on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so you don’t miss a thing!

Team GB Standings:

Men’s 2-2 (Team GB vs. Canada 1-10)

Women’s 3-2 (Team GB vs. Czech Republic 3-2)

Master’s 1-4 (Team Czech Republic vs. Team GB 9-8 / Team GB vs. West Slovakia 3-2)

Bulldog Fire and Security ‘Defensive Player of the Day’ – Iain Downes

Fire Monitoring of Canada ‘Hot Shot’ – Cassie Silverthorn