Team Great Britain in Bratislava – Day 2 Wrap-Up Presented by Herbal One

With another few wins under their belt, Team Great Britain is starting to look a little more at home at the World Ball Hockey Federation (WBHF) 3-On-3 and Master’s Championship in Bratislava, Slovakia. With day two in the books it’s time to run down the highs and lows of yesterday’s games in another Team GB Daily Recap Presented by Herbal One.

Women’s Team Slovakia vs. Women’s Team Great BritainTeam Great Britain Vs. Slovakia

Going into this game, we knew it could have gone either way. Our men’s teams had an opportunity to play againstTeam Great Britain vs Team Slovakia Team Slovakia the previous day, and they proved they were no slouches. Plus, it’s always dicey playing a team on their home turf. That said, the ladies of Team Great Britain were on fire! It was a high scoring game, but Team Great Britain weren’t looking to give this one away at all. They took the lead and held onto it, securing themselves a victory with a final score of 8-6.

Forever Homes Inc. Player of the Game: Jen Coombs

Women’s Team Canada vs. Women’s Team Great BritainTeam Great Britain vs Canada

The ladies’ second game against Team Canada didn’t go quite as smoothly, however. Canada proved during day one that they’re a tough opponent, and they drove that home during their second match-up against Team Great Britain. The ladies of Team Great Britain were showing some excellent hustle during the game, but Canada proved too much for them, and ended up taking the win with a final score of 11-1.

Forever Homes Inc. Player of the Game: Darla Dupuis

Men’s Team Great Britain vs. Men’s Team RussiaTeam Great Britain vs. Russia

Moving into the men’s division, the boys took on Team Russia, and really showed them what they’re made of.Team Great Britain vs Russia Several of the players on Team Great Britain’s current roster went up against Russia in their native land this June and knew what to expect. The boys stayed on their toes and ended up dispatching Russia with a comfy final score of 9-5.

Forever Homes Inc. Player of the Game: Richard Hepworth

Master’s Team Great Britain vs. Master’s Team EuropeTeam Great Britain vs. Europe

The Master’s team were not so successful during their game against Team Europe later in the day, though. Unfortunately the game mirrored a lot of what we saw out of the Master’s game against Slovakia the previous day, and the game ended with a score of 7-1 in Europe’s favour.

Forever Homes Inc. Player of the Game: Steve Morriss

With the teams having played a few more games, we’re starting to see them make some moves in the right direction. A couple more wins is definitely the type of trend we want to keep seeing moving forward! It’s not over yet though. Today, the ladies take on Team Czech Republic once more, the men are up for a real challenge as they take on both Team Czech Republic and Team Canada, and the Master’s team will go up against Team Czech Republic and finish off the day against Team West Slovakia!

Team GB Standings:

Men’s: 2-1 (Team GB vs. Russia 9-5)

Women’s: 2-2 (Slovakia vs. Team GB 6-8 / Canada vs. Team GB 11-1)

Master’s: 0-3 (Europe vs. Team GB 7-1)

Bulldog Fire and Security ‘Defensive Player of the Day’ – Steve Morriss

Fire Monitoring of Canada ‘Hot Shot’ – Darla Dupuis