Team Great Britain in Bratislava – Day 4 Wrap-Up Presented By Herbal One

Day four was a big day for the men and women of Team Great Britain. As the first day outside of the preliminary round, it was time to really kick things into high gear and show the other teams what we’re made of! With a few more wins to write home about, we daresay that Team Great Britain is looking stronger than ever, and we’re excited to see what the rest of the tournament holds for us! We’re going to run through exactly what went down in our fourth Team GB Daily Recap presented by Herbal One.

Women’s Team Great Britain vs. Women’s Team Slovakia

Team Great Britain Vs. Slovakia

There’s no denying that the ladies of Team Great Britain looked great during their game against Slovakia. There was Womens Team Great Britain vs. Slovakiano keeping up with them. They were too fast and too focused. We’ve talked about how the ladies have started to come together as a unit, and they continue to showcase their talents during their time at this tournament. They were able to dispatch Slovakia with a beautiful final score of 7-1. This win would move the ladies’ team into a Semi-Final game against Slovakia the following day for a chance to play in the gold medal game!

Forever Homes Inc. Player of the Game: Kayla Horney

Master’s Team Slovakia vs. Master’s Team Great Britain

Team Great Britain Vs. Slovakia

Unfortunately, the Master’s team did not experience similar results against Slovakia. There’s no doubt that Team GB was giving all they had, but Slovakia took a big lead and managed to hold onto it. The game ended with a final score of 12-1 for Slovakia. Unfortunately, this is the final game for Team Great Britain, but we’re proud of our Master’s spirit and determination throughout the tournament.

Forever Homes Inc. Player of the Game: Darla Dupuis

Men’s Team Great Britain vs. Men’s Team Russia

Team Great Britain vs. Russia

Determined not to end the day on a sour note, the Men’s Great Britain Team stormed the floor and absolutely men's Team GB vs Russiadominated Team Russia. They were able to win this Quarter-Final game handily with a final score of 10-1. Much like the ladies’ game against Slovakia, Russia just couldn’t keep up with Team Great Britain. They found their groove early on and used it to their advantage. This beautiful win moves them on to play against Team Canada in the Semi-Finals the following day. This will be a challenging game, but if Team GB keeps their head on a swivel, there’s no doubt it’ll be an interesting one too.

Forever Homes Inc. Player of the Game: Iain Downes

With the tournament winding down, the games mean more now than ever. We’ve witnessed some monumental growth out of the men and women of Team Great Britain, and are confident they’ve got what it takes to go all the way. Up next, the Semi-Finals. Stay tune to Team Great Britain on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates, and check back again tomorrow for another Herbal One Daily Recap!

Team Great Britain Standings

Men’s 3-2 (Team GB vs. Russia 10-1)

Women’s 4-2 (Team GB vs. Slovakia 7-1)

Master’s 1-5 (Slovakia vs. Team GB 12-1)

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