Event Preview – Team Great Britain at WBHF 2018

Team GB WBHF 2018 Preview

Everything is set, flights are booked, and lots and lots of paperwork has been filed (and then filed again). It looks like it’s finally time for BHi’s Great Britain Heritage Team to leave on a jet plane not knowing if they’ll be back again. OK, so they’re pretty sure they’ll be back again…but hopefully with a couple gold medals in tow! Team Great Britain had some pretty great games last year (and at least one contentious one), but with two teams and a little more experience under everyone’s belts, we think Great Britain stands a chance to fly home with the title of “World Ball Hockey Federation (WBHF) 2018 Champions”

The Road So Far

After months of trials and tribulations as far as actually acquiring the necessary paperwork required to play in the image of: stressed outtournament, things were getting down to the wire. Not five (5) days ago, were members of the team, scrambling to take photos, complete applications, and hand deliver their materials to the passport application centre in Toronto, ON. Efforts were spearheaded by Team Great Britain’s Head Coach, Chad Asselstine, who we have to commend for keeping his cool, despite the roadblocks that have relentlessly popped up on the road to departure. On the last day, he was able to organize everyone on the team meeting to cram themselves into a little 10×10 room, just to make sure that all bases were covered. Wait, that’s a baseball metaphor…that all nets were minded? In any case, someone off-site has been instructed to publish this article once we’re actually off the ground. If you’re reading this right now, then we’ve boarded a plane and are ready to take on our first opponents.

First Games

The first games of the tournament will take place on Tuesday, June 12th. The Ladies’ team will kick things off by playing the Czech Republic team at 8:00AM. We witnessed some intense ball hockey out of the Czech Republic last year, so we’re expecting this game to put some pep in our step first thing. In the afternoon, the Men’s team will take on Team Canada. Two heavy hitters right out of the gate might sound overwhelming, but this is what will set the tone for the entire tournament. This will be Team Great Britain’s chance to show everyone what they’re made of, and if their training camp is any indication, it should be one hell of a show.

Later in the Tournament

We’ll be honest, we don’t think there’s going to be an easy day out of the six that we play. June 13th the Men’s and image of: ball hockey Women’s teams will swap opponents as the ladies will be taking on Team Canada and the men will face off against Czech Republic. Following this, the men’s team will take on USA on day three. After taking a devastating loss to Czech Republic in last year’s tournament, Team Great Britain conceded the bronze medal game to team USA. This could very well be our chance for redemption. The same day the ladies’ team will take on Team Russia, who will have a bit of a home field advantage.

Where Our Heads Are At

There’s no doubt that the first couple games are going to test our mettle, but we’re confident that we’ve got what it takes to really shake things up at the tournament this year. Make sure you follow along with us HERE and on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter so you don’t miss a moment of the action

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