Team Great Britain at the 2018 WBHF Championship – Day 1

Team GB At the 2018 WBHF Championships – Day 1

After a long couple days of travel, BHi’s Great Britain Heritage Team finally made it to Moscow, Russia, and the 2018 World Ball Hockey Federation (WBHF) Championships. Once they got some much-needed rest in, and a few hours of practice at the nearby rink, the men and women were both itching to get on the floor and play. The first game would see the ladies team take on Team Russia earlier today. Let’s take a look at what went down.

Game One: Russia vs. Great Britain

Both teams started out strong, and the ball was back and forth across the floor for the entire first period. It wasn’t image of: Team Great Britain Day 1clear right away who would take the game but having seen Team Great Britain during their practice session, we were pretty confident that they’d be able to take this early win. While neither team was able to score a goal in the first period, we witnessed some impressive saves out of the goalie for the game, Paula Hodgson. She faced a few shots on net that she was able to deny handily.

The second period seemed like it was going to be much of the same. There wasn’t any scoring going on, but the girls were all over the ball. The scoreboard hadn’t moved for the majority of the period, but with five minutes left, Team Russia managed to get one past Hodgson. Then, just two minutes after, Russia was able to score again, all of a sudden putting a two-goal advantage between themselves and Team Great Britain.

Things were starting to look dire for Great Britain, being down two goals at the start of the third period. We have to give it to them though, they kept their head on a swivel throughout the rest of the game. They played a hard g

image of: Jen Povey

ame right up until the end, but unfortunately couldn’t close the gap. The game ended with a final score of 2-0 for Russia. Hopefully this will be an experience the team can use in their favour and will be able to bring it even harder in their next game. Now that they’ve had a chance to play a game together and shake off some of that travel, we think they’re going to be able to kick it up a notch for game two. We also wanted to congratulate number 4, Jen Povey, for coming out strong, making her player of the game.

Team Canada also took on Team USA today, and took the win with a score of 6-1.

Next Game

Up next, Team Great Britain will be taking on Team Czech Republic, June 13th, at 8:00PM (1:00PM EST). You can stream the games from home right HERE.

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