Team Great Britain Fundraiser Tournament!

Team Great Britain is heading back to the World Ball Hockey Federation!

Team Great Britain is traveling overseas once more! This time to the World Ball Hockey Federation (WBHF) 3-on-3 and Masters tournament happening this November in Bratislava, Slovakia! We’re heading back out in full force, and are hoping to come back with some new hardware. There’s just one thing. Entrance fees, travel expenses, and equipment costs can start to add up after a while. That’s why we’ll be holding a 1-Day Team GB Fundraiser Tournament at BHi Brantford

Here are the details:Team Great Britain Fundraiser Tournament

  • Saturday, Oct. 27th, 2018
  • BHi Brantford
  • $225.00 per team
  • 4-on-4 + a goalie (WGSHT rules apply)
    • Open rosters (men & women)
    • If 8+ teams we will split to top 4 and bottom (remaining teams) for playoffs
    • Cap at 12 teams
    • Winners receive t-shirts

All proceeds will go to help support the players traveling to this year’s WBHF 3-on-3 and masters Championships. Come out and support the men and ladies of Team Great Britain, and have some fun of your own while you do it!

To register now, call 1-(519)-759-2255, email [email protected], or in person at the rink.

We hope to see you there!