Team Great Britain Roster Announcement – WBHF 3-On-3 & Men’s Master’s Tournaments

Team Great Britain is heading back to the world’s stage this month with some new faces in tow. As many of you may already know, Ball Hockey International’s (BHi) Great Britain Heritage Team competed this June in the World Ball Hockey Federation (WBHF) Championship where they left it all on the floor. They may not have returned home victorious but, in true fashion, they were prepared to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and take another crack at the gold. This time during the WBHF 3-On-3 and Men’s Master’s Tournaments. The games kick off November 11th, 2018, and the rosters have been finalized.

Women’s Roster

There are quite a few returning players from this year’s 5-On-5 women’s team. Jen Coombs, Cassie Silverthorn, Carlene McNulty, and Carly Parker will all be making a comeback during the 3-On-3 games. Over the course of tournament in June, we really saw the girls of Team Great Britain become a unit, and have since seen great performances out of them – including a big win for a few of them at this year’s World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championship (WOBHC) in Barrie, Ontario. With so many return players on the roster, we imagine that they’ll pick up right where they left off, and quickly assimilate the new players. The full women’s team roster can be found right HERE.

Men’s 3-On-3 Roster

The men’s 3-On-3 team will see some crossover as well, though not as much as the women’s team. Returning from the 5-On-5 tournament this June will be: Iain Downes, Mitch Scott, Rich Wigmore, and Derek Hann. Head Coach, Chad Asselstine will also be doubling up this time around as he’ll be participating as a player as well as continuing his coaching duties. Team Great Britain alum, Steve Morriss will also return to play on both the 3-On-3 and Master’s rosters. The rest of the 3-On-3 roster are all new players to Team GB, and we can’t wait to see how they gel with the rest of the team!

Men’s Master’s Roster

The Master’s team will see a little crossover with the 3-On-3 players. In addition to Morriss, Chad Asselstine, Wade Linklater, Brendan Riddell, and goalie, Trevor Van Dyk will also be doubling up. The Master’s team will be a major opportunity for Mitch Scott and Rich Wigmore to stretch their coaching duties as Head Coach and Assistant Coach respectively.

The full men’s roster for both the 3-On-3 and Master’s teams can be found right HERE.

We couldn’t be more excited to hit the floor and start playing. We’re heading to Slovakia with the experience of two international tournaments under our belt, and this time around, with three teams and some extra hands in the coaching department, we’re looking to return to Canada with the gold! Stay tuned to Team GB, and Stick Skillz on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for updates during our time at the WBHF this November!