Team Great Britain at the WBHF 3-On-3 & Master’s Tournament – Preview & Schedule

The time is finally upon us. Team Great Britain is heading back to the world’s stage to compete in the World Ball Hockey Federation (WBHF) once again, this time in the 3-On-3 and Men’s Master’s tournaments. The teams are set, and the players have been preparing. The only thing left to do is board the plane, and hit the floor in Bratislava, Slovakia. This has been a long time coming for members of Team GB, as they attended the Men’s and Women’s 5-On-5 tournament earlier this year, and though they didn’t return with the desired results, they’re now ready to take another crack at the gold. Let’s take a look at how the tournament is going to shake out.

Women’s 3-On-3

The ladies kick things off with their first game taking place on Sunday, Nov. 11th at 8:15AM (2:15AM EST) against Hungary. Their second game of the day will really test their mettle as they’ll be facing off against Czech Republic at 12:45PM (6:45AM EST), a team that we’ve seen in the past and know are capable of some big plays. We’ve never seen them play in a 3-On-3 game however, so only time will tell if they’re just as dangerous with fewer players. The following day, the girls of team Great Britain will go up against Team Russia at 12:00PM (6:00AM EST) but the real challenge will come at 5:15PM (11:00AM EST) when they take on Team Canada. 3-On-3 or not, Team Canada is sure to put up one hell of a fight. The ladies’ round robin will end the following day after Team Great Britain takes on Team Slovakia at 9:00AM (3:00AM EST). The girls are in for some tough fights, but we watched them become a strong, communicative team by the end of the 5-On-5 tournament in June and can’t wait to see the game they bring to Slovakia.

Men’s 3-On-3

The men’s 3-on-3 team starts things off by taking on Team USA on Sunday, Nov 11th at 3:45PM (9:45AM EST). Later in the day they’ll take on Team Slovakia who will no doubt be enjoying the home floor advantage at 5:15PM (11:15AM EST). Their only game the following day is against Team Russia at 3:00PM (9:00AM EST), but the boys won’t be able to rest on their laurels as their greatest competition lies ahead of them. Tuesday, November 13th, Team Great Britain will take on arguably their greatest rival of the tournament, Team Czech Republic at 12:45PM (6:45AM EST). This will no doubt be a hard-fought game, but they’ll have to bring everything they’ve got, because shortly after they’ll be facing off against Team Canada at 3:00PM (9:00AM EST), traditionally the most difficult opponent at the WBHF. 3-On-3 is a different, and often more demanding game than a traditional 5-On-5, so we’re excited to see how the boys of Team GB fare on the floor!

Men’s Master’s

The men’s Master’s team aims to show Slovakia who’s boss right out of the gate, taking them on in their first game on Sunday, November 11th at 10:30AM (4:30AM EST). Later that day they’ll be put to the test as they play against Team Canada at 8:15PM (2:15PM EST). The following day they take on team Europe at 4:30PM (10:30AM EST). Tuesday, November 13th will see the Master’s team take on Czech Republic at 10:30AM (4:30AM EST), and we know they’ll be out for blood during that one. Their final game of the preliminary round will take place later that night at 9:45PM (3:45PM) against Team West Slovakia.

While it’s a little early to tell how the games are going to shake out, we know that Team Great Britain is heading to the tournament with a fire in their bellies, and we’re confident that this is going to be an exciting tournament. For the full tournament schedule as well as links to live-streams of the games to follow along at home, click HERE.

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